A new horse in the Sinterklaas News delivers parcels with Street View

On Tuesday, Sinterklaas News announced how this year, the new horse of Sinterklaas will deliver all parcels to the right addresses. Among other things, the producers of the NPO programme use Google Street View for this.

In the Sinterklaas News, the new horse was presented to Saint Nicholas. Amerigo has retired; Ozosnel is his successor. The new white horse does not yet know where everyone lives, but something has been invented for that.

Presenter Dieuwertje Blok:

“‘You can fill in your name and address on the Sinterklaas News website. We will then contact Black Peter, the horse’s caretaker, and you will be given confirmation live, complete with your name and a photo of your house, of the fact that Ozosnel knows where he needs to go’.

This year, Sinterklaas arrives in Apeldoorn. When Dieuwertje called Sinterklaas, the steamboat had not yet left. Sinterklaas travels namely by train to the Netherlands, because he has a new horse – Ozosnel – who is afraid of water.

Street View API

Localyse is making a small contribution by making available the Street View API and support to the designers of this fantastic tool. 

‘Well, it was quite something this year. Every year we help Sinterklaas, but this year, Black Peter had forgotten to tell us that Amerigo had retired and so we had to go head over heels to find a solution for Ozosnel. We found that in the collaboration with Localyse. This allowed us to map all nine million addresses in the Netherlands in a fraction of a second. Believe it or not, it almost went too fast for Ozosnel. Sinterklaas’ new horse had up to 500 requests a second to process. But fortunately, he could count on us. We have been his backup for years, and we will continue to do so with pleasure. Such requests are quite a challenge for us, but it gives you a kick when you finally manage to get Sinterklaas to his destination and don’t send Ozosnel the wrong way, making him blush. We are called 8bahn for good reason. We get a kick out of every request, just like in the roller coaster’.

Jef Vervoort, Sr. Developer 8bahn

This is how to show Ozosnel where you live

Officiel press release


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