A new way to update roads on Google Maps

Have you found a mistake in the road network on Google Maps? Or is a new street in your area missing? Even though Google Maps is continuously updated and therefore one of the most reliable maps out there, it can always happen that Google didn’t get it quite right, or does not know yet about the new local roads in your neighbourhood. This can be quite frustrating, as almost everyone uses Google Maps to navigate and incorrect or missing road information can disturb this. Naturally, you want to make sure that delivery services and visitors can find your business or home. At the same time, as a government agency you want the maps to be correct as well, to avoid chaos in busy city centres or natural parks if people can’t find their way with Maps. So, what can you do to get the road network on Google Maps updated?

It has already been possible for a while to report a missing road or wrong road information in Google Maps. It is even possible to report temporary road closures! In order to do this, use the “Send feedback” button, which is present on both the web and mobile apps. You will automatically be guided through a menu to report the inconsistency that you found, simply by clicking on the relevant road. You can suggest changes with regards to street names, road closures, non-existing roads, incorrectly drawn roads and traffic direction. But now, you can even draw a missing road on the map! This feature was recently rolled out to Maps users on the web and it even allows you to connect multiple road segments.

After your suggestion, the map will not be updated instantly in order to avoid misuse. It is important to provide your local expert knowledge as a comment with your suggestion, so that Google can verify your edit. Sometimes, your edit will be live on the map within a few days, but unfortunately the review process can also be lengthy. You can always check the status of your edit in your Google Maps profile. It is not recommended to submit an error report multiple times!

Hopefully this guide will help you to keep Google Maps in your area up to date! In case your edit is not approved after a few weeks, or if you simply need help with correcting the road network on Google Maps, let us know! Localyse has experience with improving Google Maps for businesses, local governments and even groups of citizens!

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Business Developer

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