Modernize existing applications and build cloud-native apps anywhere to promote agility and cost savings.

Anthos is Google Cloud’s open platform that lets you run an app anywhere—simply, flexibly and securely. Embracing open standards, Anthos lets you run your applications, unmodified, on existing on-prem hardware or in the public cloud, and is based on the existing Cloud Services Platform.

Manage applications anywhere

Anthos gives you a consistent platform for all your application deployments, both legacy as well as cloud native, while offering a service-centric view of all your environments.

Deliver software faster

Build enterprise-grade containerized applications faster with managed Kubernetes on cloud and on-premises environments. Create a fast, scalable software delivery pipeline with cloud-native tooling and guidance.

Protect applications and software supply chain

Leverage a programmatic, outcome-focused approach to managing policies for apps across environments, and enable greater awareness and control with a unified view of your services’ health and performance.

Use Cases

Modernize existing Java applications with Anthos

For your organizations, existing monolithic systems are holding back business initiatives and business processes that rely on them. You can modernize and transform apps to realize immediate operational cost savings, reduce dependencies on high-cost proprietary software, and increase software delivery speed. With Anthos, you can meet those challenges by modernizing your existing apps with containerized microservices alongside VMs to innovate faster and deliver new experiences to your customers.

Modern CI/CD with Anthos

Tools and expert guidance to help you build a secure, scalable, and automated CI/CD pipeline for your development team on-premises and in the cloud. Take a modernized approach to development and delivery with focuses on proactive issue prevention, open source technology, integration with your existing tooling, and a secure supply chain.

Anthos at the Edge

Anthos at the Edge takes advantage of the latest innovations including an optimized stack that can run on top of bare metal. Whether you're a retailer, branch office, remote site or telecom edge location, you can bring your apps closer to your users and deliver high performance compute with minimal latency and ensure your sites are compliant across diverse locations and are globally accessible.

Report – The Total Economic Impact

We’re excited to share Forrester’s New Technology Projection: The Total Economic Impact of Anthos study, which describes how Anthos can help make operators, developers, and the security team more productive and satisfied. Forrester conducted interviews with several early Anthos customers to evaluate the benefits, costs, and risks of investing in Anthos across an organization. Based on their interviews, Forrester identified major financial benefits across four different areas: operational efficiency, developer productivity, security productivity and increased customer advocacy and retention. In fact, Forrester projects that customers adopting Anthos can achieve a range of up to 4.8x Return on Investment (ROI) within three years.

Download the Forrester Total Economic Impact study today to hear directly from enterprise engineering leaders and dive deep into the economic impact Anthos can deliver your organization. We would love to partner with you to explore the potential Anthos can unlock in your teams. Please reach out to us to start a conversation about your digital transformation with Google Cloud.

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