Brand-new Intertraffic App helps Intertraffic visitors to better orientate with Google Maps-based IndoorWayfinding

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RAI Amsterdam, one of the leading conference centers in Europe, will launch a brand-new app specifically for the Intertraffic event that takes place from 20-23 March. The new app will help the visitors to easily find the position of exhibitors on a digital map. The innovative indoor wayfinding features integrated in the Intertraffic App underlines the exhibition center’s ambition to connect context, content and communities and help visitors and exhibitors to find the best match, faster.

RAI Amsterdam included the indoor navigation application of MapsIndoors’ Google Maps-based solution in the Intertraffic App. RAI believes in the seamless transition from outdoor-navigation to indoor-orientation. With the Intertraffic App, RAI meets the basic needs of national and international convention visitors to quickly orientate and to maximize productivity on the event. The launch comes with a perfect timing for the traffic experts at Intertraffic. Surely the ideal audience to demonstrate the endless possibilities of new ways for indoor wayfinding.

First Step: indoor positioning of exhibitors

With this very first version of the Intertraffic App, Hendrik-Jan Griffioen, Online Product Manager at RAI and responsible for the indoor project, aims to cover the basic needs for good orientation for the visitors of the convention center.

Being the biggest convention center in Europe means we need to provide exact and fast information to give clear orientation to our visitors. We focus on the basic: who (exhibitor) or what (activity) is where (hall, stand, stage). We believe in 2018 it really is time for a contemporary way of indoor orientation. So, as a first step of our indoor navigation project, we included a digital map in our brand-new Intertraffic App.

In 2018, RAI plans to further expand the functionalities towards a real indoor-navigation user-experience. So that visitors, who search and find an exhibitor or product, just need to push “GO” and are navigated right from the parking (or even from home) into a certain hall and to the very booth they were looking for. In total RAI aims to equip up to 20 trade shows/conventions in 2018 with the new indoor navigation technology in their apps.

Data quality helps to set-up Digital maps

The data quality of the CAD maps RAI could provide was exceptional. This sped up the project development process as the indoor solution could easily be fed with the basic information it needed: the booth numbers and names of exhibitors. This saved a lot of time. RAI and their app development partner Makerstreet, could implement the indoor navigation API in a minimum of time into the Intertraffic App.

Localyse, local Google Maps Premier Partner Benelux

RAI has decided to implement MapsIndoors, the Indoor Navigation Solution from the Danish company MapsPeople. Localyse is the official Google Maps Premier Partner for the Benelux region and is representing the Danish company for their local customers.

In this way companies based in Benelux can count on a local partner for support, development questions and/or training. The location experts of Localyse provide, apart from know-how in Indoor Navigation, a wider location-expertise: based on Google Maps they develop own solutions such as ODIQ, an online traffic monitoring tool or the Travel Time API, a tool that visualizes distances in travel time instead of kilometers.

Designing the future of conventions

RAI is excited about the possibilities of analyzing the data of visitor behavior as well. RAI will be able to fine-tune offering on real visitor’s data and offer an even more specific customized program to booth visitors and exhibitors.

About RAI – Multifunctional event location in Amsterdam

RAI believes in the power of connecting. Since 1893, RAI Amsterdam has actively tried to create the right context for inspiring meetings to take place and strong ties to be developed.

As the facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre creates the ideal conditions for inspiring meetings to take place and strong ties to develop. As the organising party, RAI Exhibitions connects context, content and communities utilising national and international consumer and professional trade fairs.

About MapsIndoors, Indoor solution of MapsPeople

MapsPeople is passionate about leveraging the endless possibilities with indoor wayfinding to customers. They believe that indoor navigation and positioning are the next big frontiers in the world of mapping. Their core solution, MapsIndoors, is an Indoor Navigation Platform based on Google Maps, which is designed to make people’s lives easier and to give customers a chance to increase their revenue. MapsIndoors can add value at large venues such as airports, universities, supermarkets, convention centers and many more.

About Localyse, expert in Google Maps

Technology company Localyse, located in Utrecht, The Netherlands and Edegem, Belgium is a Google Cloud Premier Partner for the Benelux and is specialized in Google Maps. The company develops its own Google Maps-based products and also supports companies in the development of their own applications. Travel Time API and ODIQ, Localyse’s most recent developments, unifies all current online traffic data based on Google Maps’ extensive traffic data and provides it to third parties.

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