Chrome Enterprise

Chrome OS is Google’s Powerful and fast cloud-native operating system. It provides secure, fast and seamless access to cloud-based tools.Designed with the main focus on Security, it is easy to manage, low cost and Chrome Devices set IT free from many day to day stress of managing devices.

Why should you consider it?

From Security perspective – a Chrome OS device does not require Antivirus

  • Read-only; installed apps and extensions can’t modify OS
  • Sandboxing isolates all attacks to a limited surface
  • Verified Boot prevents boot up of tampered device
  • Review process required for all extensions and apps

From OS perspective – OS updates happen without interruption for the user

  • No downtime; updates happen in the background while users work
  • Two versions of OS on device means one can be used while the other gets updated
  • Update applies on reboot taking a matter of seconds to complete

From a management perspective – Device management with over 200+ policies

  • User and device policies
  • Fleet management
  • Bulk printer configuration
  • Access management

From a User Perspective – Starts fast, stays Fast:

  • Reduce downtime for your employees
  • Devices boot in under 10 sec
  • Regular OS updates that run in the background 
  • Easy to use device
  • Perfect device to split professional and personal use

From price perspective – Chrome Devices are cost effective, year on year.
As a Chrome Enterprise you will spend less money on:

  • Hardware – avoiding Hardware Updates
  • Software/License – Simplified Software Updates and Simpler OS Patching
  • Energy Consumption – A Chromebooks battery (fully charged) is good for 8 to 12 hours
  • Maintenance and Support – No Device/Data back ups – no anti virus
  • Admin tasks – Less support – no patching of devices – setup of new Chromebook takes 5 minutes

Form factors:
Chrome OS comes in many flavors & forms

What are the benefits for your company?

You as a customer save money and it’s not the less expensive device alone, it’s also less time spent on managing, patching & updating devices for IT Service Desk employees. 

On the other hand the user will never experience downtime when the device is being updated. The ease of use, the simplicity of the OS and safe environment that it creates is farout the biggest user advantage.

Remember, Chrome OS is not limited to use with G Suite only – it can be used for O 365 or as a device to use for VDI (accessing a Virtual Machine).


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