”De warmste week”

Do you look for activities in your neighborhood? Check out the website of “De warmste week”!

Just like last year you can choose which of the charities you want to support with Music For Life. You can choose from a list of non-profit organizations that are registered and approved by the King Baudouin Foundation. All radio and TV networks VRT supports The Warmest Week Music For Life. Click here for an overview.

“De warmste week” action has until today gathered 5473 actions for 1293 charities. They are all registered on the website:  https://dewarmsteweek.stubru.be

Watts’ On and Google Maps integrated “location API from Google Maps” into the website of Studio Brussles. With this location function the visitor can find all registered action nearby easily on the website.

How does it work?


In a red banner the user needs to agree that the website can use their location.The map of activities which is shown in the bottom of the web will then present the visitor all actions in their neighborhood!  Watts’ On and Google Maps hope that this helps that more people find their way to visit one of these beautiful activities!

The warmest wishes from us to all the charities. Thanks to VRT/ Studio Brussels for organizing https://dewarmsteweek.stubru.be !

Use: #DeWarmsteWeek 



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