Already on G Suite? Optimize your usage.

Are you already on G Suite and looking to go further in your Google Cloud journey? Let us inspire you and your pears to get the most out of G Suite & Chrome.
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Inspiration workshops

In our inspiration workshop you’ll discover new possibilities with your G Suite apps and other Google products. How can your business make use of these possibilities?
  • You are using G Suite. Great first step, but what else can we do to optimize your workplace?
  • Have you considered Chrome OS?
  • What about your servers?

Not yet a G Suite user? Take a look here.

Transformation workshops

The transformation workshop teaches you how to manage the change between the old and the new. You’re modernizing and digitizing, and we’ll help you do that smoothly.
  • Say goodbye to old systems
  • Mobile Management
  • Social intranet
  • Document Management
  • Business Value Insights
  • Security and Google

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Extra Trainings

Do you want to become a G Suite expert? We can help with that.
  • For your New Joiners (online & on-site)
  • Refresh sessions
  • Tips & Tricks sessions
  • Specific product training on G Suite apps

Mathijs Raes

G Suite Specialist