Google introduces: Google Maps Platform

What does this mean for your organization?

Information about the new features, modifications and next steps.

Google has announced important changes: Google Maps API’s will become Google Maps Platform. Localyse, your Google Maps Premier Partner, will keep you informed about the upcoming changes. We will provide you with the necessary information, so that you will know what to expect for your organization with regards to Google Maps. In that way, we would like to support you to guarantee a gradual smooth transition; step-by-step.

Being your local Google Maps partner, we are familiar with your Google Maps implementation and can answer specific questions you might have. Do you already want more information over the upcoming changes? Please feel welcome to contact us immediately.

Guide for customers

Google provides an informative guide for existing customers. You can find it here. With this email, we’d like to anticipate and offer you some answers on the possible questions:

What will change on June 11?

From June 11th, Google Maps will no longer work without a correct API key. Please check with the Google Maps API key checker (plug-in for your browser) if the API key in your application / website is correctly installed. Not ok? Please contact our colleague: Birgit Antonissen. She can help you to correctly implement the key.

How does the pricing change? 

In the upcoming period we can calculate, based on your actual usage, what the impact of the changes will be on your particular usage of Google Maps data and correspondingly your pricing plan. When your renewal date comes closer, we will work out a personalized plan for you.

When will the pricing change
  • Renewals before 1st of September (3 alternatives):
    • Stay with the Premium Plan for another year
    • Change with a transitional arrangement until 31/12/2018
    • Change to the new price plan as fast as possible
  • Renewals after 1st of September: Change to the new price plan
What will change with regards to my invoicing?

The price model will change over a period of time. Up from the 1st of September you can choose out of three ways for your invoicing:

  • Automatic monthly invoicing via your Credit Card (good for small data volumes)
  • Receive quarterly invoices via Localyse
  • Receive one invoice per year via Localyse
What now?

With this blog we like to provide you with a first up-date. In the following period we will continue to inform you about all relevant changes via email, seminars, calls… If you have any further questions, please feel very welcome contacting us anytime via: We are looking forward hearing from you.

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