Google Maps going forward with eco-friendly and sustainable options

Besides the continuous updates that are rolled out to the road network and POI’s in Google Maps, new features are regularly added into the app as well. Recently, a lot of new functions have been introduced that aim to help us get around more easily and more sustainable!

Inside navigation through Augmented Reality called Indoor Live View

The most exciting new feature is definitely the indoor augmented reality navigation, called “Indoor Live View”. This works the same as the previously added AR navigation for outdoors, but now inside of shopping malls, airports and train stations. It will tell you exactly where to take the escalator, for example to catch your plane at the right gate. Unfortunately, this feature won’t be rolled out worldwide immediately, but will start as a pilot in shopping malls in the US and later in airports and train stations in Tokyo and Zurich.

Low-emission zones displayed on Google Maps

A new feature that is coming to the Netherlands, among other European countries, is the warning for low-emission zones in city centres. Users with older, polluting vehicles will soon receive a warning right within the Google Maps app when their route goes through such a zone. This way, users can decide to take another route or opt for another mode of transport.

Not the fastest but the most eco-friendly route to your destination

This is not the only new feature focussed on emissions. Later this year, Google Maps will not only provide you with the fastest route in the Maps app, but also with the most eco-friendly route. If the travel time is more or less the same, Maps will automatically select this route and otherwise it will just suggest it as an alternative route. This takes into account factors such as distance and stops along a route. Obviously, it remains your choice which route you pick in the end, but this can certainly help to reduce emissions and save some money on gas.

Finally, another new feature was announced that will show the current weather as an overlay on Google Maps. This will be rolled out within a few months in the Android and iOS apps of Google Maps. In some countries (US, Australia and India), a layer that shows the current air quality will be added as well. This feature will later be expanded to other countries.

Jelle Draijer

Business Developer

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