Help users discover the world with rich details for over 200 million points of interest. Do you have a travelbooking platform? Or a storelocator? The Places gives a lot of information around places (reviews, directions etc.) to use on your platform. Read more about the features below.


Help your users explore the world of places around them

With Places you can give your users the information they need to plan a trip to Amsterdam or choose a sushi restaurant in their area. With Places, you can provide users  information on location names, addresses, ratings, reviews, contact information and many more. Local Guides and users submit tens of millions of updates daily, so you can count on accurate and reliable information. Besides information about places itself, you can ensure with one of the features of places that users enter a correct billing and shipping address. This is done by automatically suggesting the addresses they type. This is one of the features which is often used and well known by users. Check out all the features of Google Maps Platform Places.

Places Details

A Place Details request returns more detailed information about the specified place such as its full  address, phone number, user rating and reviews for more than 200 million places. The level of detail you get from the API can be set up in three different levels: basic, contact or atmosphere. 

Current Place

Identify a place based on real-time signals like time of day or user location. The user receives information about the local business or place where the device is currently located. The result of this feature is always a POI or place, so a restaurant or supermarket.

Search Places

Search places is a way to search for a list of places or for one place. After searching you can get Places Details as has been described above. There are three ways to search for places (POIs) in Google Maps Platform, below you will find a short description of these very detailed opportunities: 


  • Find place: Find a place and receive valuable information based on text input or a phone number.
    For example, you have booked a hotel on a booking platform page. You want to get a little bit more detail of that specific hotel on the booking platform. You type the name fe. “Grand Hotel Amsterdam” and the booking platform gives you ratings, reviews and pricing from this specific location.
  • Text search: This way of searching has more focus on the searchterm you are using and has a broader radius. For example, you don’t only want to show all restaurants around the area of this hotel but the visitor is looking for sushi restaurants. Likewise as searching for restaurants around that specific hotel you can also choose to search the whole region.
  • Nearby search: Nearby search, searches for every location within a radius. The results can be filtered based on different settings as for example, type (airport), “open now” and price level. That’s the way results can be filtered to get exactly the information you asked for. But these results can also be ranked, specified in which results are listed.
    For instance, I want to look for restaurants nearby “Grand Hotel Amsterdam” which are open now. Restaurants is the type, open now is a requirement and the booking platform shows those restaurants ranked on distance of the “Grand Hotel Amsterdam”
nearby search google maps


Convert addresses to geographic coordinates. Or the reverse, from geographic coordinates into a human-readable address. This feature is often used to pin locations, for example shops, on a map or in background processes for delivery. 


Automatically return suggestions for a location as the user type. This is a very powerful feature of Google Maps Places. It leads to higher conversion rates and a seamless experience for your customer. Autocomplete provides a single, quick entry field with ‘type-ahead’ address prediction that can be used to automatically fill out an address form.


Return the precise location of a device based on Wi-Fi or cell towers. Often used in store locators to immediately show and zoom into nearby shops instead of visualizing the entire country. In addition to this more prominent, foreground way of using the Geolocation feature, this feature is also very useful for security reasons. John Doe wants to order a new laptop. He visits the webshop from his home in the Netherlands but is currently visiting the page. He will receive a notification with the question if John doesn’t want to switch to the .nl page. 

Time Zone

Return a time zone for any location included with time offset from UTC and the daylight savings offset.

How can Places add value to my business?

As we have over 300 Google Maps Platform customers we have enough knowledge and customers who have benefit the possibilities with the Google Maps Platform. Read more about them at our Maps Customer Story page.

Over 64% more engagement

Time spent travelling is no longer a huge waste of time! Read how CabTab delivers information about the taxi driver, the city, shows a map, allows you to read the news, book tickets for museums,

60% saving in training time

The Places API, Directions API, and Maps Javascript API let us know when to fire up ovens, whether to send out a scooter or car, and how much inventory is needed in delivery areas.

doubled customer base in 2 years

With Google Maps Platform, customers get a clear visual display of everything they need to know, they tap ‘book now’, and it’s done.

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