Google Quickscan

Google Maps: Quickscan

The Google Maps QuickScan, a fast way to analyze your current Google Maps licence usage.

At Localyse we attach great importance to customer satisfaction, which is why we have developed a Google Maps QuickScan. During this QuickScan, one of our technical consultants will analyse your current Google Maps implementation with you.

We evaluate whether you have implemented the Google Maps APIs in the most optimal way, we also check whether the consumption matches your expectations and identify possible improvements.

Additional information:

  • Cost: free*
  • QuickScan duration: +/- 1-2h depending on the number of use cases.
  • QuickScan Report: tips & tricks, implementation improvements, health check, etc.

(*) FREE for participants and/or inviteded contacts to the Google Cloud Summit Amsterdam on 10 oct. 2019.

Are you interested to get more information about our Google Maps QuickScan? Contact us here.

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