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How to organize events close to your customers?

Localyse’s Google Maps Platform customers are continually developing innovative marketing ideas and concepts. Suivo, a leading Asset & IoT Cloud Platform and happy user of Google Maps, wanted to organize small, intimate customer events enabling ‘strong local connection’ between their customers. The marketing team had one very important premise: customers should not drive longer than 30 Minutes to get to the event.

The Table of Eight – Practical challenge

Suivo Marketing Innovator, Rein Meirte explains: “Our CRM data includes postal codes and addresses. Looking up each customer manually in Google Maps isn’t really a choice. For each event we have maximum 8 customers participating. A mass-email to 50-100 customers is not what we wanted. Plus, each time we intend to organize the event at a unique location. Our IoT Cloud Platform is using Google Maps Platform as the central map where all our vehicle and asset information is visualized. So we are quite familiar with some of the API’s Suivo is using. We asked our partner Localyse if they could help us with an automatic tool which could analyze our data considering the actual travel time.”

Simple Solution: Travel Time API

“We prepared a Google Sheet with customer names and address information (Street and zip-codes) of all Suivo customers. Then we simply transformed the addresses into latitude longitude values with the Google Maps Geocoding API. Consequently, the fully prepared data was uploaded in the Travel Time API and thanks to the intelligent Routing Service we retrieved all those customers within a 30-minute drive time of the event in one simple list”, clarifies Alexander Gannouni, location consultant at Localyse.

Customer Location Hubs

Thanks to the Travel Time API, Suivo is able to minimize the preparation effort of their community events. They receive a “short list” of the relevant, close by customers which are then contacted one by one to underline the personal and exclusive touch of the event.

TheTravel Time API is the ideal tool to turn data into relevant information and to save the marketing team a lot of time.

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