Hype Cycle

Hype Cycle for API and Business Ecosystems, 2020

Gartner research note

According to Gartner, “The highly interconnected nature of the global economy became evident as COVID-19 spread to almost every country within weeks. As application leaders navigate the pandemic and resulting recession, interconnectedness and business and API ecosystems will provide many of the solutions.

Interconnected business ecosystems, underpinned by APIs, provide a way forward by allowing organisations to be adaptive and flexible, and to create new solutions, services and business models to mitigate and thrive in the subsequent economic downturn.”

In the “Hype Cycle for API and Business Ecosystems, 2020″ research note, Gartner analyses the 2020 innovation profiles which enable other innovations, have potentially transformation or high business benefit.

What’s inside

  • Hype Cycle and Priority Matrix for API and Business Ecosystems, 2020
  • Analysis of this year’s 13 innovation profiles including Business Ecosystems, API Economy, Full Lifecycle API Management and more
  • Deep dives in business impacts and shares actionable advice for each profile by the Gartner’s industry experts



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