ING Group chooses Localyse as Google Cloud Premier Partner

After the Netherlands and Belgium, ING Spain now also connects with Localyse. With this, Google Cloud Premier Partner Localyse takes an important step outside the Benelux. 

ING deliberately chose to consolidate its Google Maps licenses. The transparent use across multiple countries played the key role in this. The logical volume discounts and excellent service from Localyse finally made the difference.

Focus on the customer

Although banking is becoming increasingly more digital, many customers still prefer personal contact. Especially when it comes to important financial decisions. This is one of the reasons why ING invests in innovative technology, such as Google Maps and Cloud. With Google Maps, they help their customers to find offices quickly and easily, but also cash machines (ATM). 

Consolidation leads to more insight

In the past, ING had separate agreements with Google for each country. Meanwhile, a positive cooperation with Localyse was launched in the Netherlands and Belgium. To further optimize license usage and to obtain more insight into the usage of the different countries, ING decided to also channel the Google activities of ING Spain through Localyse. 

Benefits for enterprise accounts

Besides pure consolidation, Localyse also supports their enterprise accounts – such as ING – with extensive services. They do that with international support teams that work locally with internally developed smart monitoring tools. With these tools a customer can, for example, use alerts per project to monitor usage per user. 

Jeffrey Benning, Country Manager of Localyse Netherlands, explains the approach further:

‘Of course, we are proud of being able to further assist a client such as ING. For a while now, we have been serving other large international enterprise accounts, such as Randstad, AS Watson and We have consolidated several Google projects for them too. Customers can choose not only to streamline their Google Maps licenses, but also other licenses within the Google Cloud Platform. Think of G Suite for instance. That delivers concrete, measurable benefits to our internationally operating customers: less administration, more transparency and more optimal usage. ING also benefits from an interesting volume discount through the consolidation. For a fintech company, that is an important added value’. 

Google Maps Platform

ING is especially a fan of the Google Maps platform because most of their customers are familiar with the maps. But the quality and scalability of Google products also score high at ING. And of course the data quality of the available addresses. There are as many as 289 updates per second! 

About ING

ING Group S.A. is a globally operating financial institution of Dutch origin. ING was created in 1991 from a merger between Nationale-Nederlanden and the NMB Postbank Groep. The new name Internationale Nederlanden Groep (International Netherlands Group) was soon shortened to I-N-G, after which the company decided to change its registered name to ING Group S.A. (Source: Wikipedia).

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