The Intelligent Era of Location

Rotterdam Thursday Gathering: March 30th – ‘IoT in Oil and Gas

  • Localyse presents @ 17:30–18:30
  • Break Out: The Intelligent Era of Location – Localyse (Google Maps partner)

What do self-driving cars, drones and the internet of things have in common? They all rely heavily on location data in order to function and operate.

Now imagine a world where Location can go beyond the map. As we’re poised for the next wave of Location, it’s exciting to consider how the combination of Movement, Location and Intelligence could change the game very quickly, for a lot of industries.

How can we prepare for this intelligent era of Location and address the growing need to better understand the daily changes in our physical world. And more importantly: why does your company need to think about your Location strategy today to stay relevant tomorrow?

Join this exciting break-out session to get an update on the latest developments in location intelligence (e.g. satellite imaging, drone inspection, indoor wayfinding), learn the ins & outs of location strategy; and how a locations strategy can help your company going forward. We don’t pretend to have all the answers but can definitely help you find the right trajectory.

Where: Venture Café – ROTTERDAM 

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