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Date: Wednesday 30th of March 2022 13:15 – 14:00
Location Summit Theatre 2, RAI Amsterdam
Theme: Big Data and Mobility


What does Google offer traffic professionals and what’s missing? 

There are a lot of big data sources for traffic use cases, Google Maps, offers one of them. But which data source can best be used for which use case? 4 examples and use cases with different traffic data sources will be shown to emphasise that every (mobility) project requires different data sources for the best possible solution.

Google Maps’ data powered traffic insights tool ODIQ, custom made dashboards using TomTom, Big Query Geo Viz, telco data and more will be shown. These examples and use cases will show common traffic issues where big data has provided insights to truly understand what is happening where and when.  

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Jelle Draijer

Business Developer

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Pierre Maere

Mobility Data Expert

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Michiel Van Hove

Mobility Data Expert

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