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Google Maps integrates photo sharing platform Panoramio

Panoramio is a geolocation-oriented photo sharing platform, owned by Google. Photos can be accessed as an additional layer in Google Maps and Google Earth. The goal of the social platform is to allow users to learn more about a area or location by viewing the photos that other users have taken at that place.

Starting from November 4, 2016, Panoramio will enter a “read-only” mode for one year. During this year, users can see photos, but can’t upload new images anymore. Google recommends to link the Panoramio account to a Google+ profile. Doing this users can save their photos to the Google Album Archive.

As Google is turning Google Maps into a more social platform it will become more appealing to marketers and advertisers. 

  • Do you have a strategy how your organisation can use Google Maps to create a community?
  • How about creating a social influencer program asking your customers to be the “Local Guides” of your to-be-come customers?

Read here more about the photo upload tools in Google Maps or the Google Local Guides program.

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