Localyse continues to grow! Welcome: Bert Willemsens

Bert, why did you choose Localyse?

It is important for me, as a genuine sales person, to support my products and to have a passion for them. Localyse not only offers these products, but it also supports this philosophy. So it seemed to me like a🚀match made in heaven ❤️, which is why I am very glad to be able to help the team to further expand Localyse.

What intrigues you about Google?

Google is everywhere. The fact that ‘googling’ has become a verb speaks for itself. In addition, it is simply one of the biggest companies in the world, and they constantly bring new innovations. Being part of that is of course amazing.

What are your three favourite locations in the world?

Since I am a city person, it is no coincidence that my three favourite locations in the world are all cities. 

Barcelona is by far my favourite, because here you can find literally everything. It is a bustling city with plenty of culture, large beaches, good food and pleasant people. I have been there frequently, and will always love going there.

Another world metropolis that is one of my favourite locations is Londen. I have had the fortune to stay there for almost four months, since that is where I completed my internship. Although it is a large and busy city, you can get anywhere in no time thanks to the fabulous public transport system, and you can still find some peace and quiet in the wide range of parks. And the British accent… How can you possibly dislike that?!

And last but not least: Antwerpen. The city where I come from, grew up and live. The architectural landscape is constantly changing, and it is a good mix of old and new. Antwerp also has a vibrant nightlife, good shopping streets and a great deal of diversity.


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