Localyse introduces new support system

At Localyse we strive for excellence in our customer care and support service. Our goal is to help you quickly & efficiently when you have a question or need help.

In order to respond to your questions effectively, we’ve launched a new support desk solution that links incoming e-mails with our CRM system. Based on your e-mail address, we gather the correct and necessary information which will connect you with the right Localyse expert.

1-2-3 that’s how simple it works

  1. Send your question to support@localyse.eu. One simple e-mail is enough to register your support case.
  2. You will automatically receive a response with your personal case number. This way you can be sure that your support case has been well received and that your case will be handled within the set SLA conditions.
  3. 3. If the support case is resolved, the application will be closed. You will also receive a short confirmation email regarding this.

Our support team is ready and looking forward to helping you!

Do you have any other questions, or you do not have a support contract yet?

Please feel welcome contacting us!

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