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Meet Alena, our new Product Specialist!

With more and more organisations transforming their work processes, our team keeps on growing. We’re happy to introduce you to Alena Kalb, our new Product Specialist. Discover in this blogpost who she is and what drives her.


Mountains, chocolate, travel – I have probably already described myself perfectly with just these three words.
No matter if it’s skiing or hiking, cake or a chocolate bar, Austria (where I’m from) or Vietnam (my next destination on the wishlist)…  you can count me in!

I have lived in Antwerp since two years and even though it’s far away from mountains, I got to enjoy the Flemish way of life. ‘Een terraske doen’, preferably with a Brugse Zot, ‘in’t zonneke’ (note: I still find it funny how something so big as the sun can be called ‘zonneke’!) after a bike tour next to the Schelde and afterwards getting frietjes – fantastic!


I am looking forward to helping organisations with their workflows and processes in a digital manner and thereby do what I enjoy most: bridging people and facilitating cooperation across (office-)borders.


Another interest of mine has always been internationality and connecting (with) people from different cultural and occupational backgrounds, which is reflected in my choice of study program. I have obtained my Master’s degree in ‘International Business Strategy’ in Sweden after I finished my Bachelor’s in Germany. Now I am excited to translate these theoretical frameworks of working together in a global mindset into business ideas and supporting our customers as a Product Specialist.


Are you ready for a new journey? Localyse is hiring, have a look at our open positions!

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