Migrate to GCP Console

Recently received an email from Google Maps Platform with the subject “Migrate to the GCP Console by March 31, 2021”?

Recently Google Maps Platform has sent emails with the announcement you need to migrate to the GCP Console. How does this work? Do you need to do something? Which action is to be taken? This will be cleared out in this article.

What is a ClientID?

Are you already a Google Maps user for a few years, then the use of ClientID probably sounds familiar. It stems from the former ‘Premium Plan license’. The use of ClientID is similar to the current use of an API Key: it is a method to use the Premium Plan APIs features. Seen the entire licensing model of the Google Maps Platform has since been converted to a pay-as-use model, there no longer is a difference in licenses. This is also why there is no difference between the use of API keys or ClientID anymore.

Do I need to migrate to GCP?

I still make use of the ClientID

If you are still making use of the ClientID it is important to consider whether to keep this or not. New features of Google Maps Platform will probably not be usable with a ClientID implementation. It is important to consider if it isn’t smart to change the implementation during a next release or sprint. Want to have more information about this? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would like to support you during this process and can explain you everything about the Google Cloud Console. 

If you want to keep your ClientID implementation, please make sure you have access to the (old) Google Cloud Support Portal. This is the portal to manage your ClientID, as for example to set the domains that are able to use the ClientID and where you can check your usage. In the email you’ve received from the Google Maps Platform to migrate to GCP, below “project in the console”, you’ll find in the table the hyperlink to the new Google Cloud Platform for your projects. Make sure you can log in into the Google Cloud Platform and have access to the projects. After the 31st of March this will be the place to manage your ClientID as the old Google Cloud Support Portal will be deleted. If you would like to get to know the Google Cloud Platform better, register for our webinar Tech tips & tricks for Google Maps Platform on December 10, 2020.

I don’t use the ClientID anymore 

Good news! You are up to date and you are able to manage your API keys in the Google Cloud Platform. This means that no action has to be taken. If you aren’t a Localyse customer but have enabled CreditCard payments? You may be entitled to additional discounts that aren’t possible with a credit card! Ask us without obligation for a free calculation.

Want to have some additional information?

Please feel free to contact us at info@localyse.eu and we are willing to help you with all your questions about the Google Maps Platform. Or sign up of our first Tech Tips & Tricks webinar for Google Maps Platform. We will demo the best practices of the GCP Console and many more.

Greet Van den Spiegel

Customer Success Manager

Birgit Antonissen

Customer Engineer

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