Where Is The Nearest Clean Toilet?

A quite important question in a very specific micro moment in a customer journey!

Google is cooperating with the Ministry of Urban Development to launch a Google Toilet Locator. The locator will be integrated into Google Maps and will help the Indian government with their ‘Swacch Bharat’ initiative. With the initiative India aims to increase the access to clean sanitary bathrooms for about 8 million households in order to reduce significant health costs and untreated sewage from cities.

What are the important micro-moments of your customers?

  1. What is your answer on those critical moments?
  2. Is there a location-based-answer involved?
  3. And do you offer the right answer via your website or an app?

Basic “micro-moments”

  • I am hungry – where is a sandwich bar?
  • I feel cold – where can buy a coat?
  • I am tired – where can I rest?

Business related “micro-moments”

  • My credit card broke – where is the nearest bank office helping me?
  • My car car got stolen – where can I find it back?
  • My heating is cold – where do I find a help?

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