New features & changes in the Google Maps Platform! Explore them all: 

We recently informed you about the changes pertaining to Google Maps. On 11 June, the new Google Maps Platform went live; this new platform introduces new APIs and a new price model. The latter model will only take effect for new Google Maps users from 16 July. Do you already have a Premium Plan license? If so, please have a little patience, we will contact you 2 months before the contract expiry date and we will examine the impact of the Google Maps Platform together with you.

In addition to changes in the pricing model, a number of changes have also been made to the Google Maps APIs themselves. To give you a better overview, you can find a number of new APIs and changes.

Changes in the Google Maps APIs

Directions API is split into Directions and Directions Advanced Request. With Directions, you receive cycling, public transport, vehicle and walking routes up to 10 waypoints. With Directions Advanced, you receive the same routes up to 50 waypoints and real-time traffic.


Distance Matrix API is split into Distance Matrix and Distance Matrix Advanced Request. This means that you will receive travel times and distances from one or more locations with Distance Matrix. With Distance Matrix Advanced, you receive travel times and distances with real-time traffic.

New features in the Google Maps APIs

  • *NEW* Places Session ID is a new way to get the Places API working. Normally, it always worked with Autocomplete. Now it is also possible to execute requests based on sessions instead of on the basis of characters; as previously was the case.
  • *NEW* Places Details. With these requests, you can choose which details you want to receive from the Places API. Here, you can choose between Basic, Contact or Atmosphere. These are set to Atmosphere by default, however, to save money, you can set them as desired.
  • *NEW* Find place based on text. Find a place, such as a restaurant by searching for a phone number, for example.

What does this mean for your organisation?

Verify your current use and integration of Google Maps, perhaps one of the above features or adjustments is relevant to you. Which can result in a nice, new feature in your application


For questions or additional support, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Best regards,

The Localyse team

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