ODIQ helps mobility in Aalter forwards

Renovation of the road network, reconstruction of on and off slip roads, improvement work in Aalter centre, a bicycle-friendly municipality and so on. The town council of Aalter is constantly considering interventions that could improve the quality of life of residents. One of the biggest challenges with major road works is monitoring the traffic flow. For this purpose, from autumn 2019, Aalter will make use of a groundbreaking tool: ODIQ, of Localyse, provider of innovative mobility solutions.

After a test period, the employees of the Aalter mobility service and the town council decided to monitor their town traffic with ODIQ in the future. ODIQ allows fast, real-time analysis of different routes, based on Google Maps Data. This gives mobility officials the latest traffic information, without the need for installing expensive traffic loops or other hardware in various locations.

Floating car data

ODIQ enables towns and municipalities to visualise, interpret and compare traffic flows with historical data in real time. For this, the tool uses the floating car data (FCD) of Google Maps. That is GPS data from smartphones with Google Maps installed. These data are rendered anonymous and viewed through ODIQ by the mobility service experts. In this way, they obtain a current overview of route availability, they can monitor traffic bottlenecks and, where possible, determine an alternative route.

Positive perception

ODIQ analyses traffic situations and helps improve location accessibility. It offers advantages for both residents and the municipality itself. ODIQ is online and cloud-based and so can be used anywhere. Real-time traffic monitoring can easily be done from a PC without significant costs. Mobility officials can respond quickly, make informed decisions about traffic conditions and safety, and improve their response to citizen inquiries. They also have the possibility of demonstrating that the interventions have had a positive impact on local traffic before and after the activities. A useful tool with complex but necessary roadworks. 

Aalter will make advance use of ODIQ from September.

Bart Suy, Managing Partner at Localyse: ‘Mayor Pieter De Crem wants to make Aalter even more of a reference point between Ghent and Bruges. We at Localyse are delighted and very proud that we can support him in this and to be helping advance mobility in Aalter with our intelligent, real-time traffic monitoring by ODIQ!’

Towns and municipalities who want to know exactly how ODIQ works may request information via https://localyse.eu/nl/odiq-voor-lokaal-mobiliteitsbeleid/.

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