Order Food via Google Maps

Google Maps: Food Deliveries made easy

pizza-hutpizza-hutWhat’s important when you order food online? That food arrives fast and easy. Of course. Your customers soon might be delighted. Google Maps on iOS (Version 4.24) brings a useful new feature to calm their hunger: Users order food online from their favorite restaurants direct from the Google Maps interface.

Right now the new feature can be accessed in major US cities. It mainly streamlines the process of ordering food.


Check out the 5 steps to order food via Google Maps

  1. Click on a restaurant in Google Maps to get more information
  2. You like what you see?
  3. Click the option “place an order”
  4. Choose from a food delivery app where the restaurant is available (e.g. Seamless, Grubhub, DoorDash, etc.)
  5. Google Maps will redirect you to the delivery service of your choice

The latest version of Google Maps for iOS is available now on the App Store.

Questions? Shoot!

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