Sustainable, healthy and safe way to go to school!

High-Five ensures that children are stimulated in a playful way to come to school sustainably. There is one mission for the kids, collecting sustainable coins! We want to make schoolzones safer by saying goodbye to cars in the schoolzone area.

66% of students come to school unnecessarily by car …

The large crowds of cars causes chaos around the school gate and this creates unsafe situations for the children.

All those cars together also cause unhealthy situations around the schools. That is why we want to ensure that the children are stimulated to come to school sustainably.

More info for cities and municipalities.

Not safe

Too many cars on the school street and a greater risk of accidents

Not sustainable

Too much CO2 emissions and noise disturbance

Not healthy

Bad air in the school environment and less movement

We want to make it more attractive through game methods and technology to help children come to school in a more sustainable, healthier and safer way! We do this by 3 simple steps if you go to school on foot:

  1. Poles at stretch points
    High-Five modules or High-Five piles are placed at strategic locations. These locations are determined together with the city / municipality and the school. In this way, these posts or modules are on the smartest route to school.
  2. An NFC strap for every student
    Every child (primary school) gets a smart band. With this strap he or she can collect coins from the High-Five posts or modules. These coins can then be exchanged for rewards.
  3. A nice platform with rewards
    On the student platform, children can track their coins, create an avatar, earn medals, engage in class switches, do exercises and so much more! This platform is provided with a map thanks to the Google Maps Platform.

Jeffrey Benning

Country Manager (Netherlands)

Want to make your trip to school safe and sustainable? 

Please feel free to contact Jeffrey Benning to find out more about High-Five!