Manage your workplace, ensure safety, work better.

Joan combines an ultra-sustainable display platform with five user-centric workplace solutions. It’s the most efficient and easy-to-use workplace management system on the market.

Turn your workplace into a better, more efficient and safer place to work.

In the course of history, we’ve seen a couple of major workplace trends – from cubicles to open floor spaces, and dreamy corner offices. However, the transition was always gradual. With the recent global events, the slow and steady pace of change got replaced by updating workplace layouts overnight.
The number of desks decreased, leaving people without their assigned seats. This led to re-imagining the workplace dynamics by adding micro-locations where people can do focused work – whether it is from meeting rooms, huddle spaces, office pods, and anywhere else near a power source.
This extra layer of workplace complexity demands additional resources for ensuring employees’ satisfaction while complying with health measures. Joan strips the complexity by offering easy-to-use, energy-efficient solutions that can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Responding to the current trend in the best possible way – fast and safe.
Joan is a centralized workplace management system
Eliminate workplace complexities while ensuring the highest levels of safety. Joan is bringing clarity and consistency to your place of work by offering integrated and connected solutions. With Joan, all your locations are centrally managed and optimized to your needs. Its intuitive interface elevates user experience by flattening the learning curve and cutting onboarding time to mere minutes.
A centralized workplace management system, built around an ultra-low-power, sustainable display platform. It consists of 5 distinct software solutions that make every workplace a better, more efficient, and safer place to work: Room, Desk, Visitors, Home and Sign.

Intuitive solutions for the best workplace performance


Display, simplify and automate meeting room bookings


Track employee presence, integrate safety measures and book desks.


Automatically allow or advise against entry based on a health questionnaire.


Eliminate interruptions when working from home.


Show custom content such as corporate information and wayfinding

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