Plan, run, and track remote work
in one flexible platform

Create workflows & projects by using the Work OS created by

Work with your team from anywhere

Centralize all communication of your workflows and projects and eliminate sync meetings and endless email to be sent back and forth. Stay productive with the Work OS.

Make powerful & quick decisions with knowledge

Use real-time data, not guesses. provides a high-level overview of where things are every moment of the day. You know at any given moment if your team is moving in the right direction.

Create better products, cross-team

Get your software development process up to speed, without impacting the quality of your product. Flexible scrum software that helps your team to get more done in a shorter feedback cycle.

One place for all your sales numbers

Work OS keeps all your data in one place, your most crucial information stays complete while your leads go through your sales process. Creates a better customer experience overall for all types of customers.

Want to know more about’s Work OS? Click the link and get a good overview of what it might mean for you and your team. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work 🚀.

At Localyse Workplace we are specialised and experienced in helping people make the transition to new ways of working. We have 16 years of experience in Change & Project management, in implementing large & small collaborative solutions. We are your trusted partner in your move to cloud working.

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