We build chatbots that make your service 80% more efficient

Really? 80%? That’s right. Our proven methodology and our powerful chatbot platform ensure that we can define a quantifiable ROI for our implementations! This figure does not come out of thin air, but is a report of measurements at our references.

Chatbots, a hype?

Chatbots are one of the most popular topics online today. A chatbot is a combination of chat and robot. But what exactly do these robots do? How do they work? What are the benefits and what about the ROI of your investments?

Application areas of chatbots

Together with our partner Oswald, we can provide you with the appropriate answers to the foregoing questions as well as many other questions.
What are typical applications of chatbots?

  • Customer support: assistance with, for example, technical systems
  • Virtual assistants: assistance with, for example, a purchase
  • Virtual buddy: a great partner for e.g. small talk…

Discover your Oswald

Oswald is one of the most powerful artificial intelligent chatbot platforms of our time, with support of the Dutch language as distinctive feature. 

View it yourself in more detail and discover its enormous power. You will soon discover why we believe Oswald is the way to go respecting the chatbot platform.

Now, as a superhero rarely works alone, Oswald works seamlessly with different technologies. Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and Unified stack are the perfect sidekicks for the Oswald AI. And this immediately makes clear what the link is between Oswald and Localyse.

What or who is Oswald exactly?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence systems that are able to interpret natural language and provide an answer in a correct manner. Such systems must be trained with data, so that they understand the language properly, and conversations have to be drawn up so that the correct answers are given. It should be possible to test the chatbot, view statistics, follow and if necessary take over conversations etc. These are therefore some features you will find in Oswald.

Oswald is an online web platform that is used to build, test, publish and maintain chatbots. Oswald is built for both technical and non-technical people. Oswald has a user-friendly and easy-to-use user interface (UI). Yet developers can also take advantage of the advanced code responses. This means that they can execute small pieces of code as part of the conversation. This is needed to build complex integrations with other systems.

Use cases and ROI

They have already chosen for Oswald.

  • Bert: a Kinepolis chatbot. Bert is a Facebook Messenger chatbot who knows all about films, actors, directors and film programming. Just install it yourself, and treat yourself to a demo!
  • MijnPartena, a chatbot from the Partena Health Insurance Fund, answers 80% of questions asked by customers.
  • Meet Lisa, the chatbot of Odisee university. Their experience has taught them that students prefer to put their questions to a bot.

Bold as we are, we dare to state that a chatbot can improve your customer service by 80%.

Really? 80%? Yes, that’s right. Together with Oswald, we offer a proven methodology that gives you an insight into the ROI of your different chatbots.

What is a chatbot?

To conclude, just an explanation about what is our definition of a chatbot, regardless of Oswald.

The word ‘chatbot’ is a huge buzzword these days. It is accompanied by words such as ‘virtual assistants’, ‘natural language processing (NLP)’, ‘artificial intelligence (AI)’ and so on. But what does the word ‘chatbot’ really mean? A chatbot is a combination of ‘chat’ and ‘robot’. So it is a system that can conduct a conversation with a person (or user) in an automated manner. Such a conversation is always conducted in natural language. By interpreting users’ questions, statements, expressions etc. intelligently, the chatbot can provide answers.

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