Places API update

Places API update

Improving the clarity of Autocomplete results

We all know that Google is taking into account the location information of our mobile when we search for a place in order to present us with relevant search results. Today we like to share, that Google has developed two new Autocomplete features to help users select the place they’re looking for more easily and make faster decisions.

Feature 1: Additional place types

To help users better discern between similar points of interest,Google expanded Autocomplete, which now runs additional place types such as restaurants, health services, places of worship, financial institutions and more. You may use these additional place types to provide visual signals for the different types of places shown, such as custom icons for parks, shops, personal care and other businesses shown in searches.

Feature 2: Straight line distance

Google also developed a feature to help users see faster the differences between similar points of interest in Autocomplete, so they can quickly and confidently choose the right place. For example, if your user is visiting downtown Amsterdam and wants to find a restaurant, there could be five different restaurants with the same name within their search area. Via configuration you can setup the autocomplete that the results show-up in distance order. 

Be alert: Currently this feature is only available in the Places API as a web service. So you might like to test it on the web and then take it to your mobile app when Google is finalizing the feature for mobile usage (it’s probably being done while we are writing..).

Further info you’ll find on the Google Cloud Blog.

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