About Sint-Niklaas

Sint-Niklaas is a continuously innovating Flemish city with over 80 000 inhabitants. Besides adding more green to the city square, numerous other initiatives are being worked on to make the city more livable.

Floating Car Data put to work

The city of Sint-Niklaas received some complaints about cut-through traffic and excessive speed in a certain residential area. To deal with these complaints, Sint-Niklaas made some infrastructural changes to lessen the impact of the problems.

After changes were made the city council wanted to assess the impact, that’s where Localyse came into play. We provided insights by combining Floating Car Data and classic traffic counts.

These are some insights we gathered:

  1. Where are bottlenecks depending on time of day?
  2. Has the problem moved to a parallel street?
  3. How fast do they drive in percentiles?

Thanks to our insights the city of Sint-Niklaas was able to conduct a valuable assessment of their infrastructural changes. More about this project can be read in the complete use case below.

Download the full use case here, or maybe you have a question about how Floating Car Data can be useful for your project? If so, feel free to contact us!