About Prato

Prato is a Belgian company that offers innovative HR software and services. Clients include interim agencies, service cheque companies and enterprises. Prato helps with automation of payroll and personnel administration as well as well-founded social-legal advice. The company is part of geneHRations, a network of HR-tech entrepreneurs that implement innovative solutions and turn them into profitable business.

How to tackle complex planning issues


Among other HR tech solutions, Prato offers software for service voucher companies to automate the assignment of cleaning staff to households. Service voucher companies employ cleaners and generate revenue via a voucher system set up by the Belgian government: they can redeem one voucher per worked hour, regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, the biggest challenge is optimizing the actual working hours and minimizing commute time in order to create a profitable business.

Hands-on support

Across Belgium, Prato’s voucher software users must match hundreds of cleaners. To help these companies with their scheduling, Prato’s software calculated travel times and distances for all employees. Localyse assisted with the analysis and scope of the project. We also made sure the API’s were implemented correctly.

Travel time calculation is at the heart of Prato’s product, as it is central to optimizing employee commute times. After extensive testing of the previous and new calculations, all of Prato’s customers smoothly migrated to Targomo’s API within a few months.

“Localyse’s engineers came to our office and provided hands-on support in implementing the new technology” (Daan Gielen – Product Owner at Prato)

Service voucher companies have to take into account that their employees in general prefer different modes of transportation to reach the households. They also have to consider day-dependent variations in the means of transport to calculate correct data for the billing process.

“For the first time we can calculate the actual shortest distance, regardless of changing traffic situations” (Tim Pijpops – CTO Prato)

Curious to find out more about this project? Download the full reference case below!