Sint-Niklaas is a modern city in the East of Flanders, Belgium. With more than 78.000 inhabitants it counts as the second biggest city of the region. Next to that, Sint-Niklaas features Belgium’s biggest square with 3.19 hectares.

Transforming Sint-Niklaas

Infrastructural improvements will start in 2023 to transform Niklaas’s square (Grote Markt) into a beautiful, welcoming location. In order to achieve this, a lot of trees will be planted and a traffic filter will be installed on the access routes toward the town square. As a result, the car park under the town square will only be accessible from the north of the city.

Optimal results through various data sources

To understand the impact of the proposed measure, Sint-Niklaas asked Localyse to get an overview of the current situation, before and during Covid-19. To gather optimal data we combined a number of data sources:

  1. Origin-Destination analysis
  2. CCTV analysis
  3. Data extrapolation
  4. ODIQ

This traffic analysis has enabled us to make a correct estimate of the necessary parking area on the north side of the town square. Research made it clear that there is only a capacity problem at rush hour. – Els De Deken, Mobility Consultant

Wish to know more about this project? Download the full use case here.