Drastically Quick Service Restaurant delivery via innovative SaaS products

Solutions 4 Delivery builds smart technologies to help Quick Service Restaurant delivery chains scale. It partners with clients to connect all points of sale for an end-to-end solution to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Solutions 4 Delivery needed a world-class mapping solution for optimized delivery.

In 2016, the founder of a Dutch pizza chain was seeking ways to upgrade operations to allow his growing business to expand even faster. The weak link, he determined, was an outdated POS system that couldn’t keep up with potential demand.

This insight led him to Solutions 4 Delivery, a startup with a mission to build smart, innovative technologies that enable franchise food delivery companies to scale efficiently. Looking around the industry, they found many successful chains that struggled to scale due to dated, legacy systems. They set out to create an end-to-end POS system that seamlessly integrates the processes triggered by a transaction.


For Solutions 4 Delivery, one of the challenges in designing an optimal POS system is that one size does not always fit all. In a market like Romania, an emerging European country, traffic and road conditions are known to be erratic. Food delivery times depend on this unpredictable nature of daily life. By contrast, in the Netherlands, ultra-modern infrastructure and compact urban layouts mean food deliveries rarely take more than 10 minutes.

Solutions 4 Delivery created a software-as-a-service (SaaS) POS system for food delivery franchises for a range of environments. That means partnering with each client to craft an individualized POS strategy. The startup’s unique value lies in combining the ease of plug-and-play with the versatility of custom-made solutions.

To make this vision work, Solutions 4 Delivery needed a robust array of powerful mapping tools to underpin the flexibility of its product. Google Maps Platform met this need with a range of location-based APIs. Just as importantly, Maxim says, the Google team together with partner Localyse shared Solutions 4 Delivery’s ethos of partnering to grow together. It enabled creative discussion on how to get the most out of the range of Google Maps Platform APIs.


By choosing Google Maps Platform, the startup found much more than the quickest way to get from point A to B. Google Maps traffic, distance, and routing calculations enabled pinpoint precision in other key aspects of the POS workflow, from deciding which meals to cook first, to how to manage stock, choose the right vehicle, and even onboard new staff.

“There’s a complex web of factors that goes into a meal being delivered within 30 minutes,” says Maxim Vaz Dias, Business Development Manager, Solutions 4 Delivery. “Google Maps Platform transforms our POS capabilities across the board. The Places API, Directions API, and Maps Javascript API let us know when to fire up ovens, whether to send out a scooter or car, and how much inventory is needed in delivery areas. Plus the intuitive user interface embedded on our system makes onboarding workers so easy, as they’re already familiar with the look and feel of Google Maps.”

Solutions 4 Delivery’s approach has yielded significant results for both its business and its food delivery clients across Europe.

The combination of the Maps JavaScript API’s real-time traffic and the Directions API’s route optimization enables a more efficient workflow that yields an average 23.5% reduction in the number of delivery runs using Solutions 4 Delivery’s POS system.

Because the end-to-end process is connected in today’s POS system, accurate location intelligence enables Solutions 4 Delivery to optimize seemingly disparate operations. These activities include the order of cooking meals, bundling those meals into delivery runs, and selecting the right vehicle for each run (with the choice between fast cars or nimble bikes determined by traffic congestion and street layout).

“The result of Google Maps Platform integration is simply faster delivery and lower overhead,” says Maxim. “Cutting delivery runs by nearly a quarter has yielded cost savings of 10% by requiring fewer drivers and vehicles.”

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