Localyse provides Google Maps Data and Tools

Volvo Trucks Hackathon Challenge

Localyse provides Google Maps Data and Tools

Volvo Group organizes on 17-18 feb 2017 the Volvo Trucks Hackathon Challenge. Students, alumni, startups and developers can attend the Hackathon. Who will be able to develop a reliable solution that helps transport companies to better understand their cost for transporting from point A to B?

Localyse provides Google Maps Data & Technologies as well as their professional advice to enable the teams of the hackathon to find the answer to this relevant question for transport & logistic companies!

The Hackathon

Connectivity is the new buzz word. But would you not like to create real working connected solutions? To be able to work with real and never before available truck data? And by doing so, help creating a real solution for transport issues? Maybe it would be better for them to drive at different times? Maybe they could avoid schools and city centers in rush hours by driving on a different road with less stop and go, and thereby save fuel?

If they would know the cost of the toll in advance, they could choose to drive on a different road? Or maybe choose the toll road because at the end it would be cheaper?

Total Cost of Transport

Can we find a simple solution for their total fleet? Can we integrate this with our fuel consumption data? Can we take traffic data into account? Last mile transport? Safety? Can we develop a tool that allows them to calculate exactly how much a transport costs on different routes with the goal that they choose the less congestive and safer road?

The tool you will develop will help transport companies to get a better understanding and overview of their daily cost and motivate them to choose the safer road creating less traffic jams.

Ready to subscribe for this data challenge? Register here for this fun and challenging hackaton!


Volvo Trucks is market leader in Belgium in the heavy haulage segment. They are continuously driving progress and offer top notch innovations to their customers, both in products and in services.

Localyse is Benelux premier partner & contact for Google Maps for Work. All Google Maps data will be available during the 30h of the hackathon challenge via Google Maps API’s.

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