RCA develops job map for VDAB with help from the Google Distance Matrix API

Read the story of RCA, a communications bureau where agency and consultancy come together and strengthen each other. RCA requested assistance from Localyse to integrate the Google APIs in their solution for VDAB.


More and more Flemish companies in the Brussels periphery cannot fill their vacancies. Apparently, the foreign language speakers of Brussels lack the courage to apply there. The language barrier and the distance deter most. Wrongly, because you certainly don’t need to be bilingual and there are a great deal of jobs available within a 30-minute drive from the city centre. To bring job seekers and employers closer together, RCA conceived a distinctive, highly refined graphic campaign for VDAB and Actiris. The message ‘Nouveau job? Le prochain stop’ adorned posters, ecotagging, stickers, the underground, trams and buses in the heart of Brussels.

It’s a launch

Under great press interest, RCA organized a job tour or short round trip for candidate job seekers on the ‘job on, hop off’ bus. This called at several Flemish companies that are actively recruiting. Those present discovered it immediately: a job in the Flemish periphery is closer than you think.

They centralised all the information on the campaign site nouveaujob.be . In order to demonstrate that the distance is small, RCA developed a job map or interactive map that shows all the jobs in the periphery. As a job seeker, you enter where you live in Brussels, choose from different sectors and indicate your ideal travel time. You immediately see what jobs are available in the area and your travel time by public transport, car or bicycle. You can also search on departure time and find the way to temporary employment agencies. In short, in a few clicks, we make work work.


For the development of this digital map, RCA spared no effort in employing the latest technological innovations. In geek speak, this means the following. The beating heart of the job map consists of a Node.js back end with a real-time integration of the Google Distance Matrix API and a link to the VDAB vacancy API. RCA stores all additional logic and results in Redis. The front end is built with Angular 7 and can be integrated as a stand-alone application on the various VDAB websites.

Would you like more information about RCA and their case for VDAB?

Surf to: Text and images via the RCA website you will find the full story here.

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