With the Memoride platform, developed by Activ84Health, patients revitalized can re-explore the world through cycling with Google Street View. Activ84Health is a Belgian start-up, established in 2015, that develops technology to keep persons with a restriction physically and cognitively active in a fun, motivating and safe environment. Activ84Health’s first technology is the Memoride platform.

User Experience


The concept behind Activ84Health’s Memoride was developed by Jan Smolders, director of Nursing Home Witte Meren, who noticed that while exercising in their weekly physiotherapy sessions, nursing home inhabitants were simply looking at a wall while riding a stationary bike for 15-20 minutes. As this has no value in respect of “user experience” and does not stimulate users to increase their level of physical activity, Jan designed the concept for what would eventually become Memoride. A virtual environment where users would be able to explore the world outside of the nursing home, in search of memories of the past, stories to be told, and experiences to be relived.

Combine physical activity with a valuable user experience


The Memoride technology is a cloud-based software platform that allows users with a physical, logistic or cognitive restriction to combine physical activity with a valuable user experience, maximizing the functional capacities they have without being stigmatizing towards the restrictions they might suffer. As Activ84Health uses Google Street View images, they create a unique and personalised user experience by offering access to streets and locations, with high emotional value for the users.

As they typically spend most of their lives within the four walls of a nursing home, hospital or rehabilitation centre, being able to virtually go outside again and relive past experiences or explore new environments provides a unique experience. Apart from the joy of being able to autonomously define how to exercise, where to go, and how to get there, Activ84Health also noticed that taking users back to the places of their past spontaneously provoked storytelling and reminiscence. This way, Memoride also has an effect on the cognitive activity of users. And even more, some of our clients have regular sessions in which 20-30 persons gather and go on a virtual city trip together. As such, they create a social experience by sharing memories and stories.

An enormous positive effect on the cognitive activity


Implementing Google Maps in Activ84Health’s Memoride technology truly harnesses the unique proposition of Memoride. Without Google Maps, Activ84Health would not have been able to even start their company in the first place. On top they certainly would not have being able to roll out Memoride so quickly in different countries.

  • Overall: giving users a personalised unique experience
  • Create an enormous positive effect on the cognitive activity of the users
  • Activ84Health won several innovation awards, including the European Commission’s Smart Aging Challenge Prize for most innovative technology for active and healthy Aging;
  • Memoride platform already counts over 50 customers in Belgium and The Netherlands in less than 18 months;
  • Activ84Health is rapidly expanding their network of business partners across Europe (Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, etc.). Over 10 different countries added inn Memoride platform into their country portfolio.

Which Google Maps API’s are being used? 

Google Maps Javascript API
Google Maps Street View Image API
Google Maps Places API
Google Maps Geocoding API

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