albelli makes it easier and more fun for customers to relive life’s moments with Google Maps. And more than 10.000 photo books were printed with Google Maps integration in 2017. albelli is a front runner in the photo product industry, blazing a trail across the globe with five different brands – albelli, bonusprint, fotoknudsen, önskefoto and resnap. As one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in the Netherlands, it now employs 335 people across its four locations – Amsterdam, The Hague, Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and Bergen (Norway).  The company’s mission is to brighten up the world by bringing people’s moments to life and is ‘constantly striving to push boundaries and drive the business further forward’.



The Challenge

albelli sets out to make it easier for customers to relive moments from holidays, travel and other life events and without Google Maps it’s difficult to convey a journey. Customers were using screen shots of maps and journeys but those screen shots were not print quality and often came out blurred in the photo book. Because of this we were absolutely sure that adding Google Maps in our photo book creator tool would add an extra layer of storytelling and creativity to our customer’s photo books.

Connecting emotions & locations

The Solution

With the albelli creator tool, customers can include maps in their photo books from any location on earth, connecting their moments to locations and allowing them to relive them. The creator tool allows you to mark places on the maps where you have been with different icons, from little pins to flags. Customers can also generate routes to show where they have travelled, ranging from walking routes to cycling routes and routes by car. Customers can insert the map as an image, use one as a background in their photo book or even use it over two complete pages. The map can be in satellite, terrain or map preview. To maintain the high resolution of the image we save the image in a better resolution so it’s suitable for printing. We do this by using the meta data of the chosen map in our software before saving the image in a four times higher resolution on an invisible virtual display.

When inserted into the photo book, the map becomes an image. The customer can then move, resize and crop the map however they want, giving the customer full creative control. The user can also place photos on top of the map to customise their story even more. An extra option in this feature is to add Street View to the photo book. That way you can include that one landscape you missed. You could even make an inspirational photo book of a destination without going on holiday at all. The images from Street View are, just as the map image, saved as a high-resolution image.

If you are not completely satisfied with the route you can adapt your Google Map or Street View print screen on the go, easily updating the image. After you have created your photo book, you can print it and share it online. The feature was first introduced to albelli BE in 2015 and was so successful it was rolled out to all our markets in 2016.

33% extra pages  

The Benefits
  • Customers now can put in high quality maps with routes in their photo book, leading to higher customer satisfaction and a better experience.
  • The maps are fully customisable to the customer’s needs – changing pins, adding and deleting routes and easy selection of the area that is shown.
  • Adding maps to photo books leads customers to add more pages. On average, a customer adds over 33% extra pages to a photo book when also inserting one or more maps in his/her photo book, resulting in extra business value.
  • 136.000+ routes were created with Google Maps integration in 2017

Which Google Maps APIs are being used?

Google Maps JavaScript API
Google Maps Directions API
Google Maps JS Streetview API

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Brian Batist

Business Developer

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