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You may have experienced it yourself: Google Maps is not always correct. Google Maps sometimes provides a wrong driving route. If you have followed the directions from Google Maps to estate Amelisweerd, suddenly, from one moment to another you could have driven your car on a bicycle path. This happened while Google Maps really indicated that you could drive your car there. It resulted in a lot of fines for the visitors.


A visit to the Amelisweerd estates means enjoying nature and all the good things estates have to offer. In addition, the Veldkeuken restaurant is located on this estate. It is a place where many people walk and enjoy the surroundings and have a cup of coffee. The last thing you want during your trip is to receive a fine a few weeks later. You can download a map from the Amelisweerd site, but accessibility remains a problem. Visitors enter the destination in their navigation system and do not return to the Amelisweerd site. This regularly created dangerous traffic situations, visitors could not find the right destination and drove through the estate by car. Because the start of the journey is often in the hands of ao. Google Maps, Landgoed Amelisweerd and restaurant De Veldkeuken could not improve their accessibility.


This was urgently needed for the Veldkeuken estate and restaurant in Utrecht. Their online visibility in Google Search and Google Maps was not the problem, the problem was their accessibility. It often happened that their customers were fined because they reached the destination via a walking route through the forest and parked the car in the wrong place. “How do I change Google Maps?” Was asked by the owner of Veldkeuken restaurant. The Municipality of Utrecht also saw the situation escalate via Google Maps. It was annoying for everyone, the forest rangers, the pedestrians and the motorists who were inspected on the assembly line.

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Localyse was called in. They ensured that the route was changed on Google Maps and that customers of Veldkeuken could find the right parking space and a fine was saved by no longer driving through the forest. Both the Municipality of Utrecht and Veldkeuken were more than satisfied with the solution: “It is all clearer and better organized.”

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