RAI Amsterdam

The Multifunctional Convention Center

As a facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam Convention Center creates the ideal conditions for inspiring meetings and conventions. As an organising party, RAI Exhibitions connects context, content and communities, hosting national and international consumer and professional trade fairs.

500 events

RAI Amsterdam facilitates more than 500 national and international events every year

1.5 million

More than 1.5 million visitors stroll through the RAI Amsterdam halls every year


Flexible and customizable CMS system to update the ever-changing layouts

Visitors enjoy an event experience that matches the expectations of 2019

Seamless transition from outdoor-navigation to indoor-orientation

Examples of solutions for RAI Amsterdam


Since its first exhibition in 1895, RAI Amsterdam has grown into a leading international exhibition and conference organisation. It has been uniting different worlds, people, and markets for more than a century.
Today, RAI Amsterdam welcomes more than 500 national and international conferences, exhibitions, events, and more than 1.5 million visitors annually. The RAI complex is designed to be as multi-functional as possible to accommodate all types of events. Flexibility is always a key concern, especially in today’s market.


Navigating and making the most of your time at a conference or convention is not always an easy thing to do. Large open spaces are converted into mazes with exhibitors and stands lining the narrow lanes. As a result, visitors may leave feeling disappointed and are less likely to return to the venue.

As one of the leading convention centers in Europe, RAI wanted to provide visitors with an easy way of orientating themselves at events. The first step towards achieving this was to get a digital map of the venue. But the ever-changing layouts of RAI Amsterdam made it hard and expensive to maintain an updated overview of the facilities.


RAI decided to implement MapsIndoors, and brought in the Location Experts from Localyse – the official Partner of MapsPeople for the Benelux region.

The first step of the solution was providing good orientation for convention center visitors and to maximize productivity at events. RAI believes in the seamless transition from outdoor-navigation to indoor-orientation provided by MapsIndoors, which was essential for them when choosing their Indoor Navigation solution.

The data quality of the CAD maps RAI provided was exceptional. This sped up the project development process as the basic information required for the indoor solution could easily be fed in. From there, the solution took form.

Now, when RAI is hosting new events, the basics are in place, and the MapsIndoors CMS can be used to update maps of the facilities to match the actual setting and make sure they are appropriately branded.

By integrating those maps with event-specific apps (provided by a third party) visitors get a tailor-made experience for the events they are attending at RAI Amsterdam.

Jelle Draijer

Business Developer

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