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80% customer service improvement

Our proven methodology and our powerful chatbot platform ensure a measurable ROI for all your chatbots.

3.5 million

More than 3.5 million messages answered within 1 second


We created an efficient approach for building chatbots that leads to a higher ROI for your conversational applications.

Your team members can get full admin control over the Oswald chatbot so they can maintain, update and improve the chatbot using the easy-to-use platform.

All the tools you need in one platform

Oswald works flawlessly with Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform. Localyse Group had the necessary experience for our Google Cloud deployment pipeline. They facilitated the onboarding, the set-up, the configuration of access rights, as well as the billing process. Their support brought us to where we are today with Oswald, one of the most powerful AI chatbot platforms on the market.”
Michiel Vandendriessche

Michiel Vandendriessche

Oswald Co-founder

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Oswald is a powerful, yet intuitive platform for training, building, integrating, and maintaining intelligent chatbots, from helpful customer support agents to useful personal assistants. Everything you need is in one place. With Oswald, you can build many different types of chatbots, and integrate them with numerous messaging platforms.

Challenge – outgrowing a modest experiment

Back in 2016, the demand grew for a chatbot that also supported the Dutch language. For lack of existing, user-friendly technology, Raccoons decided to create their own technical development framework. Independent, powerful, and available in Dutch: Oswald was born. To allow access and building autonomy for clients, Oswald soon evolved from a single-tenant framework to a SaaS user interface.

Solution – a multi-tenant SaaS platform

A multi-tenancy chatbot platform needs to be extremely secure, highly performant, always available, and scalable. Regardless of the volume, all chat messages must be processed simultaneously, without any interference or delay. It means heavy duty for the underlying containers. To manage the containers, Oswald works seamlessly with Kubernetes. And Kubernetes runs best on Google Cloud Platform.

The results: 3.5 million messages answered within 1 second

Oswald chatbots all run on the same Saas platform. The message processing is extremely complex, and yet every chat message is answered within the second! In just a few years Oswald achieved a turnover of almost 200K with its chatbots for clients such as Acerta, Doccle, VeePee, and Partena. More than 80% of the 3.5 million messages were processed automatically, without any human intervention.

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