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TeachVR is an educational virtual reality startup based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The TeachVR team consists developers, educational specialists and 3D artists. Together with our educational partners, we work on the future of education by building an educational virtual reality platform where teachers can explore, find and create their own virtual reality lessons.

Virtual reality holds great promises for learning purposes, we want to create the tools that make these promises reality. Our philosophy? For teachers, by teachers.

Needed: 360-degree images

Teachers and students would scramble the internet looking for relevant 360-degree photos for the VR films. The quality was in most cases lacking, which in the end harms the ultimate purpose of the platform: Learning with virtual reality.

That’s when TeachVR started looking for content databases, which would allow them to give teachers the possibility to find the 360-degree content. TeachVR wanted their solution to be highly scalable and to fit the needs of a large spectrum of teachers. Furthermore, TeachVR wanted to be able to create a fluid workflow for teachers. Finally yet importantly, TeachVR wanted the 360-degree content database to be of the best possible high-quality.

Google Streetview database as easy solution

When TeachVR deployed the Google Streetview database into their TeachVR platform the whole dynamic of the platform changed. The TeachVR team created a workflow whereby it is very easy for teachers to create their own virtual reality lessons and pick 360-degree photos from the Google Streetview database. Each virtual reality lesson consists of multiple 360-degree photos. Through TeachVR platform, the users can make unlimited amount of virtual reality lessons in a simple and easy way. After creating the lessons, they can directly use the virtual reality lesson created in class.

After the deployment of Google Streetview database they saw a tremendous increase in the creation of virtual reality presentations by teachers. They got many positive reactions from teachers, students and other educational specialists. Now the product really live up to their philosophy:

By teachers, for teachers. The implementation of the Google Streetview database really allowed us to give our users the tools to be virtual reality learning specialist in whatever area they prefer.

After the implementation period of a couple of weeks TeachVR were able to sign up new educational partners that will use their solution to create virtual reality lessons: Unicef signed up as educational partner!

The benefits

The implementation of Google Streetview database significantly increased the creation of virtual reality lessons by the users. Before the implementation, they had 50 virtual reality lessons on the platform.

“We are currently scaling up to 300 high quality virtual reality lessons. For our platform based business model, the user activity is crucial.”

The Google Streetview implementation has allowed us to significantly increasing the user activity. The Google Streetview integration sets us apart from our competitors. Many of our competitors create custom virtual reality applications for teachers. Which are in most cases very expensive and have no scalability. The Google Streetview allows the teacher to make the virtual reality lessons themselves and within minutes. This USP has allowed us to increase sales and attract new customers.

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