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Google Chrome Enterprise allows you to increase your team’s productivity in a smooth, cost-effective, and secure way. While the switch from traditional laptops to Google Chromebooks can be very straightforward, many companies get lost in this transition. 

That’s why we offer you 30 minutes of our time in a free consultation. You can ask our experts all your questions about Chrome Enterprise and Chromebook devices. We’ll share our thoughts, insights, advice, and best practices. For free. 

This consultation will help you to collect the right information to build your business case and switch smoothly to the next generation of productivity. 

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Which type of questions can you ask our experts?

You can ask us any questions about Chrome Enterprise and/or Chromebook devices in a professional context. Here are some frequently asked questions we typically answer during these consultations:

  • Is Chrome Enterprise safe? 
  • How much can I save by switching to Google Enterprise? 
  • What third-party apps can I run on a Google Chromebook?
  • Which Chromebook device is best for my business?
  • What are common pitfalls for Chrome OS zero-touch enrollment?
  • How well does Chrome Enterprise provide protection against ransomware?
  • And so much more. 

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Localyse is a leading Google Cloud Premier Partner. We specialize in Google enterprise solutions and we are passionate about guiding our customers through every stage of their cloud journey. 

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