Slim naar Antwerpen-App (SNAPP)

Smart Google Maps Technology used by location-based travel assistant

Where lot’s of app’s stop at the front door of a venue or on the parking lot, SNAPP brings the users right to their chairs! This APP is a special location-based app made for indoor mapping and navigation. Ideal to deliver unique services for hospitals, cultural centres, event locations and restaurants.
Customers of visitors can estimate their total arrival time with this App: how long will be the travel time to the venue? How long do I need to walk from the parking to the entry and how long do I need to walk inside the building before I arrive at the meeting / conference room?

SNAPP was developed by Advier, a Dutch company in cooperation with Localyse, a Belgium company and Google Maps premium partner for the BeNeLux region.

Koen Kennis, alderman for mobility of the City of Antwerp:

“The future of mobility in our cities needs be ‘smart’. And if you talk about new mobility solutions, most of the time we are looking at Mobility as A Service Platforms; they offer personalized and integrated mobility solutions to their users. Antwerp has certainly the ambition to be a pioneer and to play an important leadership roll in this transformation process. I am truly convinced that smart solutions will lead our citizens and visitors to make smarter and better choices in the future. “

Antwerp launches 3 handy apps for 3000 peak avoidances – discover them here (NL version)!

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