The automagic monitoring system

We’ve developed a new way of monitoring our client’s usage of their Google licenses.

The ‘automagic’ monitoring system is now being tested and will be launched in September. From then on, our clients have the option to get email notifications when they’ve used up 50%, 75%, etc. of their license.

The reason we made this monitoring system is to benefit both our clients and ourselves. Our clients will get notifications with exact information without having to worry about human errors on our behalf. For ourselves, this automation system saves a lot of time because there’s no manual work involved anymore.


For all the interested technical people; we’ve asked our developer & location consultant Alexander Gannouni how he did it:

“The whole thing is made in a Google Sheet with a Salesforce plugin and an Apps Script attached. First, I get the data from Salesforce with an SOQL query. Here I already execute some conditional checks. Because the Google sheet is hosted in the Google Cloud, I can add time-triggers to my script. This way, I have a method that runs 1x/day to compare the Salesforce data in the Google Sheet with our billing export table in BigQuery. Then, the mailing-script start to run over the results of the query to check the usage. Depending on the usage, notifications are sent.  These notifications are being recorded in a separate sheet to make sure that the client isn’t getting the same notification multiple times. We work based on opportunity object to enable us to prepare an upsell or renewal in Salesforce. When a client’s usage has reached 80%, it’ll check in salesforce if there already is a new opportunity made. If that’s the case, the old opportunity will be closed, and the remaining credit is transferred to the new opportunity. Thanks to the Apps Script and the Salesforce API it’s possible to make this all happen ‘automagicaly’.”

If you’ve got any questions or aren’t yet a Localyse customer –> shoot at

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