Using data for Google Maps based indoor wayfinding at train stations

Conference RailTech 29th of march 2017

Localyse, Benelux partner of MapsPeople (DK), proudly announces:

Christian Frederiksen, Head of Partner Management at MapsPeople is coming to The Netherlands to present “Using data for Google Maps based indoor wayfinding at train stations” at RailTech Europe 2017.

WED 29/3 from 11:50 – 12:10 in the Conference Room.

What’s RailTech Europe 2017

The conference takes place between 28 – 30 March 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands and is part of the RailTech Europe 2017 exhibition. The Conference provides an extensive information platform and dynamic meeting place for the expected 7500 experts and professionals.

Christian will share his insights about Indoor wayfinding and how essential this is for efficient train station management anno 2017. In his keynote, Christian will focus on how data can be leveraged to make better management decisions and to provide a best-in-class visitor experience in and around the train station.

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Benefits of Indoor Wayfinding at Train Stations

  • Improve the traveler’s experience and loyalty
  • Boost revenue by converting visitors to customers through location based advertising
  • Extend the station’s communication services to include in app notifications
  • Gain insights into the passenger flow and behavior at the train station, as well as map the customer journey
  • Improve the overall branding  and experience of your station

What is Digital Indoor Wayfinding from MapsPeople?

Help visitors, customers, travellers or patients navigate through the great indoors. MapsIndoors is built on Google Maps, which makes the transition from the outdoor world and into your venue completely seamless. All the known functionality and familiar design of Google Maps can live inside your app and the user can get directions from any point outside your venue and all the way to a specific product, lecture room, track, gate or hospital ward.

Explore how Airports’ are improving the traveler’s experience with IndoorMaps by MapsPeople

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