Volvo Trucks Hackathon creates inspiring ideas

Volvo Trucks Belux organized for the first time a hackathon, with the help of various data providers o.a. Localyse providing GoogleMaps API’s. The hackathon took place last weekend in Antwerp (17 and 18 February). In total participated 11 teams combining more than 50 participants devised creative digital solutions to help transport companies in carrying out their daily tasks. The jury, with o.a. Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Digital Agenda unanimously chose team RouVolvo and their Dynamic Real-time route planning tool.

The task during this 30-hour hackathon was not simple: Expose the costs for a roadtrip as good as possible and develop on top of that innovative ‘out of the box’ solutions aiming to bring down these costs. Possible concepts should preferably have a positive effect on mobility or safety.

The participants worked in multidisciplinary teams. Programmers, students, mobility experts, startups … a lot of different profiles were present. All teams could exceptionally use very interesting datasets, coming from providers such as Google Maps (through Localyse), Open street map (OSM), PTV Group, Flemish Government and others. Also the three Belgian regions and Viapass provided anonymous movement data from a week coming from the kilometer tax system. And of course, Volvo Trucks’ own Dynafleet data focusing on consumption, driving and rest times and real-time location could be used.

Tool for Dynamic Real-time route planning developed by RouVolvo is the winner

The winning idea was developed by team RouVolvo, a team of 5 students. RouVolvo is a dynamic planning tool that proposes changes to the truck’s schedule according to real-time data and showing immediately the costs effects. The daily planning of vehicles is changed when unpredictable situations happen such as: traffic ques; accidents, equipment failure etc.

With this idea they scored not only on innovation but also on feasibility and value for the end user. They win one year incubation at Start It @KBC and a trip to Gothenburg, the home of Volvo Trucks.

The jury consisting of Alexander De Croo, Federal Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Digital Agenda, Philippe Jacquemyns, Product Manager Volvo Trucks Belux, Patrik Naenen, manager of transport Katoen Natie, Johan Rundberg, Product Manager of Dynafleet, Volvo Trucks HQ, Lode Uytterschaut, Founder Start it @ KBC,  Lode Verkinderen, Secretary General Transportation & Logistics Flanders and presided by David Hanngren, Investment Manager Volvo Trucks Venture Capital, was very enthusiastic about the winning idea.

The second prize went to team Young logistics with a strong technical planning calculation tool, combining a clear dynamic route model and a static cost model.

The third prize went to Team Truck Backers for their tool to reduce costs based on dangerous driver behavior, cargo damage, loss and theft.

Some quotes to share the fascinating vibes of the hackathon

Alexander De Croo “I was impressed by the commitment and the solutions proposed by the teams in such a short time. It is particularly interesting to see how companies like Volvo Trucks combine innovation with new initiatives and businesses. I am convinced that we must look to the future and shape it ourselves. These initiatives certainly contribute to this vision.”

Pieter De Bruyn, Product Support Engineer at Volvo Trucks: “The results of our Volvo Trucks Hackathon Challenge has surpassed our expectations. The enthusiasm of the teams and their creativity has led to very interesting and very useful ideas. We’re going to see how we can further support this solution with Volvo Trucks.”

With this hackathon we strengthen our position as an innovative company. It opens a new path to cooperation within the start-up community. I am convinced that this is one of the paths to the future, “said Peter Himpe, Vice President Volvo Group Trucks Belux.

At Localyse as provider of GoogleMaps technology in the Benelux region, we are truly enthusiast over the event organisation. I could breath the spirit of digitalisation. You could feel it in the air. Spread over the participants and the whole Volvo Team. I was impressed by the international support from the Volvo Group. The presence of the management team shows how seriously Volvo Trucks takes digital trends, start-up culture and to really go ahead“, Elke Kraemer, Marketing Manager Localyse.


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