NetApp® Cloud Volumes brings proven storage capabilities and compelling use cases to Google Cloud. It provides enterprise-grade data protection including Disaster Recovery, security and cost efficiency wherever your data lives.

The powerful partnership between NetApp and Google Cloud makes it easy to:

  • Backup and replicate your data in minutes, regardless of size or location 
  • Migrate existing enterprise applications to Google cloud
  • Enable ‘Disaster Recovery as a Service’ for your VMware Infrastructure
  • Develop new apps, tools, and workflows in Google Cloud

Check in for this compelling webinar hosted by Localyse and NetApp to discover all the advantages and insights concerning CVO and Google Cloud. At the end we take a closer look at a use-case: backup of 100TB to Google Cloud, how does it work & how much does it cost. There is time for a Q&A with the cloud experts of Localyse and NetApp.

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  • Welcome by NetApp & Localyse 
  • An Introduction to Cloud Volumes Ontap for Google Cloud
  • The most compelling use cases:  easy to implement with immediate advantages
  • Enabling disaster recovery for your VMware infrastructure in Google Cloud.
  • Use case: backup of 100TB to Google Cloud.  How does it work, what does it cost?
  • Q&A


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