Reading and processing hand-written documents, notes and certificates can be a tedious job. When done manually, a lot of manpower is needed and it comes with a huge financial cost. Furthermore a human error is quickly made. What if there is a better alternative?

Tensr created a solution, built with AI technology from Google Cloud, that can automatically process handwritten documents, notes and certificates with high accuracy! 

The solution includes three main components: an image-processing module, a neural net, and a natural-language processing module to return accurate predictions. The combination of a proven methodology developed by Tensr and the advanced AI tools provided by Google, makes it a powerful tool. 

In this webinar we will present 2 cases in which the solution is used to automate and improve the processing of complex handwritten documents: “doctor’s certificates” and “death certificates”.  We will explain how we can increase the quality & efficiency of the process while significantly reducing costs.

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  • Welcome by Tensr & Localyse 
  • Introduction
  • Cases Overview
  • Case 1: Death Certificates
  • Case 2: Consultation Certificates
  • Hosting with GCP
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A


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