In this webinar we show you how marketing teams can easily optimize work processes using the platform. We also give a live demo of the platform while going through marketing related use cases. And of course we explain why might be the solution for you!

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In addition to a live demo, we will also cover a few interesting topics. Why is the solution for the marketing world? With monday you can visualize your data how you want it, you can free up time by automating repetitive work, or post updates so that there is continuous communication between teams and departments. And do not forget during these COVID-19 times: working remotely; collaborate, track statuses, give feedback, outline projects and take ownership of your projects, processes and workflows wherever you are!

During the webinar we delve deeper into specific use cases that are relevant for marketing. So be sure to rewatch this webinar!


  • Introduction by Lorentz Verstraete
  •, the 3rd fastest growing software in the world
  • Demo – how to optimize marketing workflows with
  • Q&A
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Our monday experts Mathijs Raes and Lorentz Verstraete will be your hosts during the webinar. Get to know them here:

Mathijs Raes is Product Owner at Localyse. He is responsible for all services we provide to new and existing customers for

He likes to understand your challenges at every level, from strategic to operational, and comes up with and efficient digital solutions that are also attractive to end users. His passion for is the fact that it truly fulfills the needs of any kind of team, department or organization. You just need to find the right use cases and challenges to tackle.

Mathijs has built up in-depth experience in Cloud & SaaS platforms over the past 8 years, mainly focused on Digital Workplace solutions.

Lorentz Verstraete is Sales Lead at Localyse. His team inspires customers with innovative Digital Workplace solutions, and guides them in making the right choices functionally, financially and culturally.

The starting point is always the concrete challenges and specific context of each customer. That starting pointis different for every organization. That is why our sales team always focuses on where we can have the most impact on the customer’s objectives with our solutions.

Lorentz has built in-depth experience in value-based selling over the past 10 years, mainly focused on Digital Workplace solutions.